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Gaia Perotto (Torino, 24 August 1995)

Gaia studied Arts in high school and, after a brief interest in Science studies, she started drawing again. In 2018, she collaborated with a parisian stylist creating the designs of some of Johnny Depp's on-stage clothing. Contextually, she created artworks intended for the private collections of Johnny Depp, Alice Cooper, Tommy Henriksen, Joe Perry and his wife. In 2019 she produced more artworks for Alice Cooper and Tommy Henriksen. In the same year she started a collaboration with a renowned amanuensis from Marche; this experience allowed her to range from portraits to illumination and medieval decoration, and also to experiment with historical materials such as egg tempera, naturally pigmented watercolors, iron gall ink, vellum and bambagina paper sheets. These collaborations have been exhibited in Biella, Bienno, Lucca, Modena, Piacenza and Lipsia. Some of these artworks have been published in the prestigious calligraphy magazine “Bound & Lettered“. In 2020, she started experimenting with digital arts, expecially with portraits. Simultaneously, she started researching abstract painting: it's not a detachment from reality but, on the contrary, a connection with the consistency of the Matter.

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